Seminars & Workshops

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Care For Caregivers offers educational counseling to our clients on various health and wellness topics and issues that may affect our clients overall wellbeing.  We offer this service and many others in the community to individuals, churches, corporate organizations, hospitals, medical groups and of the caregivers. Seminars and workshops are done upon request. Please contact our office, if you are interested in one of the topics listed below  or have a special request.

How to be an effective and healthy caregiver.

How to reduce stress in your life as a caregiver.

How your eating habits effect your health. eat your antioxidants

What foods should you eat for optimal health.

What are the super foods.

How to incorporate the recommended daily fruits and vegetables into your day.

How to choose the right vitamins.

What form of exercise is right for you.cardiologist

Sleep disorders – How they affect your health.

Obesity – Adult and childhood how to manage your weight.

Depression – How to overcome mental disorders.

Guilt – How to deal with it.

How To love Yourself.

Essential Oils  The complete Guide To Natural Healing.