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客厅 living room
餐厅 dining room
玄关 vestibule
卫生间 washroom
卧室 bedroom
书房 study
阳台 balcony
落地窗 French window
地砖 ground tile
地板 floorboards
地毯 carpet
乳胶漆 emulsion varnish
壁纸 wallpaper
瓷砖 ceramic tile
踢脚板 skirting board
塑钢窗 windos of PVC-steel
窗台 window-sill
窗帘 window curtains
座便 toilet
洗手盆 washbasin
吊灯 chandelier
半吊灯 half pendant lamp / light
台灯 table lamp / light
壁灯 wall lamp / light
落地灯 floor lamp / light
吸顶灯 ceiling lamp / light
水晶灯 crystal lamp / light
木灯 wooden lamp / light
宫灯 palace lamp / light
镜前灯 mirror front lamp / light
镜画灯 picture lamp / light
吊线灯 track / line lamp / light
格栅灯 grille lamp / light
水珠灯 water pearl lamp / light
导轨灯 track lamp / light
柱灯 pillar lamp / light
筒灯 down lamp / light
投光射灯spot lamp / light
庭院灯 garden lamp / light
柱头灯 water jet lamp / light
组合灯 assembled lamp / light
排风扇 fan
衣柜 wardrobe
床 bed
化装台 dressing-table
主卧室 master bedroom
暖气 central heating
沙发 sofa
门厅垫 doormat


室内灯 residential lamp / light
枝状大吊灯 chandeliers
吊灯 pendant lamp / light
半吊灯 half pendant lamp / light
台灯 table lamp / light
壁灯 wall lamp / light
孙光辉 Jacky Sun
落地灯 floor lamp / light
吸顶灯 ceiling lamp / light
水晶灯 crystal lamp / light
木灯 wooden lamp / light
宫灯 palace lamp / light
仿水晶灯 imitated crystal lamp / light
低压灯 low voltage lamp / light
工艺灯 artificial lamp / light
石艺灯 marble lamp / light
羊皮灯 parchment lamp / light
镜前灯 mirror front lamp / light
镜画灯 picture lamp / light
吊线灯 track / line lamp / light
格栅灯 grille lamp / light
水珠灯 water pearl lamp / light
导轨灯 track lamp / light
柱灯 pillar lamp / light
蒂凡尼灯 tiffany lamp / light
风水灯 water fountain lamp / light
户外灯 outdoor lamp / light
路灯 street lamp / light
筒灯 down lamp / light
投光射灯 spot lamp / light
翻译整理 Translated by
孙光辉 Jacky Sun
庭院灯 garden lamp / light
草坪灯 lawn lamp / light
草地灯 lawn lamp / light
防水灯 water proof lamp / Under water lamp
柱头灯 water jet lamp / light
水底灯 underwater lamp / light
户外壁灯 outdoor wall lamp / light
组合灯 assembled lamp / light
太阳能灯 solar lamp / light
彩灯 holiday lamp / light
彩虹灯 rainbow lamp / light


interior design


We all know that the design of the most basic principles is to people-oriented, serving the people. According to the space, create a reasonable, comfortable and functional environment for people to meet. As the design of an interior design that best reflect this principle. Why?
As the life of the people some of the more than half of the time spent indoors, so a good indoor environment can give us a better enjoyment.
My profession is interior design, interior design is that the individual in a space designed satisfactory, in which people may want to do the things they like, find a sense of enjoyment. But this is also the interior design of the most difficult because it involved cover a very wide area, including space, style, design, physical factors, color, furniture and furnishings. . . And so on, there are green, ergonomic these are to be involved. Therefore, this process is very difficult.
Finally, I think, it is necessary to study interior design from a different point of view it is necessary to know it, feel it, but also to use it.

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The interior design in the my eyes
Conduct and actions 1 learns an environment art a design a professional student, I like my profession very much, particularly interior design, positive because I like an interior design, the interior design in the my eyes perhaps has an other people different place, underneath I want to share the interior design in the my eyes with everyone.
Many people will think, the interior design is to indoorly repair to decorate with indoor object, in brief impending, in fact otherwise, the interior design is to in brief repair with decoration, the person's whole life, overwhelming majority time pass through indoors.Therefore, people design the indoor environment of creation, by all means will directly relate to indoor life, the quality of production, relate to people's safety, health, efficiency, comfortable etc..So I think, interior design is construct betterly is suitable for people to live of indoor environment, regardless from indoor space of decoration, the layout of indoor furniture, also had be the choice of indoor material to wait each convenience, all wanted to do full consideration, began from the indoor sound and light heat, each time all of one-step designs is around wear person at this space of feeling, we each one steps walk related to a benefits of live in the design, so we at hereafter design of in the meantime, at want to well use luck own university learn just of in the meantime, also need to strengthen a little bit extracurricular basic common sense, let oneself can in the work better design, better do a good interior design work.
I have a passion for my profession and like an interior design of I will make great effort perfect oneself's professional knowledge, fight for doing a qualified interior design teacher.


Master of Interior Design
Academic Course Requirements and Descriptions
ID Seminar -
Master’s Level

1 Credit
This course is an introduction to the profession of interior design and includes an overview of the
professional associations (ASID and IIDA), the NCIDQ examination and the IDEP monitored
experience program. Students will be exposed to professional interior design firms

through office
visits and guest speakers. At the bachelor’s level, resume and cover letter development will be

discussed. A
t the master’s level the focus will be on different firm types and professional opportunities

within the field.
2 Credits
This course will serve as an introduction for in-coming Interior Design students enrolled in the
graduate program. It will have a shared focus: to provide an overview of the profession of Interior
Design, including office practices and procedures; career options and the range of career
opportunities within the profession; and suggestions and practical advice on the necessary
preparations for identifying and securing practice credit-worthy employment.
3 Credits
Foundation Design Master’s A studio is the first of three foundation design courses for Masters of

Interior D
esign and Masters of Architecture at the Boston Architectural College. Master’s A teaches an

understanding of abstraction and conceptualization through the use of two and three-dimensional
exercises. Drawings, models, and collages are emphasized as the primary means for design
investigation. Students will quickly get exposure to the basic skills needed for all subsequent design
studios at the BAC, and they will put them to use. In Foundation Design Master’s A studio, students

will understand the fundamentals of visual thinking: Students have verbal/oral skills that they already
use daily. These skills will be developing at the college level. Students have making/drawing skills that
are surfacing and that can grow rapidly. Visual thinking is the act of advancing both verbal and visual
skills and using them together to develop each assigned design project. Students will also understand
the connection between the work of Foundation Design Master’s A studio and the Practice

Component. Visual thinking skills, as evidenced by interconnected drawing, making, writing, and
speaking are fundamental to meaningful participation in the practice of interior design, landscape
architecture, and architecture.

3 Credits
This introductory course focuses on design principles and theory. The themes of discussion are based
on issues presented in readings and lectures and range from ancient civilizations to contemporary
culture. The course stresses the importance of developing the ability to observe, analyze and critique


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